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Perfect for the hospitality and moving industries, Bedsledzzz, Inc. was created to safely move mattresses easier and faster. Our unique design allows for one person to easily manage and move any size mattress in any area. Typically requiring two or more people, the awkward lifting and motions of moving a mattress can cause injuries. The new patented dolly allows one person to safely move even the largest mattresses without lifting: eliminating the risk of injury, reducing labor costs and saving time.

The safer, faster, and easier solution to moving mattresses.

Mattress moving has always been a difficult and dangerous task, usually requiring more than one person. Reduce the risk of injury and liability for you (& your staff) and get the job done in a fraction of the time with Bedsledzzz.

Durable, collapsable and fully adjustable.

Bedsledzzz was thoughtfully designed with all mattress-moving scenarios in mind. Our sleek dolly is crafted out of durable powder coated steel. It is USA made to adjust to any-size mattress and will accommodate up to 300lbs. It collapses for easy storage and transportation.


"As Four Seasons Hotel Washington DC, we often need to move mattresses to re-configure guest rooms. Bedsledzzz has been a great solution to give relief to the employees who need to often move the mattresses. The team was extremely pleased that we as a hotel were able to provide a more ergonomic solution."
Director of Rooms, Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C.